Mismatched Made in Heaven

Mixing patterns in the home decorating world is like mixing patterns with your clothing. If you are panicking at the idea of this, I have you covered. There are some simple ways to achieve the pattern mixing game that will make you seem like the next HGTV design star. Mixing patterns creates visual depth and focus in any room. So let’s get started!

  1. Stay in the same color family
    Refer back to your youth in art class to the fun old color wheel. I bet you never thought this would be useful again. Use colors in the same color family that compliment each other. As you can see by the color wheel it is broken up into pie pieces so stay in those pie pieces and you will be on your way! The last thing you want is your patterns to compete or clash with each other.

  2. Pick your main pattern then pick a smaller scale pattern to compliment
    Once you decide on your big pattern, lets say you pick a floral accent wallpaper or even a geometric one, you want to build from there. Pick accent chairs or pillows that will compliment that choice. It is important you pick your first pattern then build on that one. It will make your space look more cohesive and less chaotic. Again refer to the good old color wheel to keep those pattern looking great together.

  3. Black and white patterns
    Black and white patterns are always a good staple to mix. You really can’t go wrong. Make sure your patterns work well together and are of varying scale and bam a whole new look! You also want to incorporate some color so don’t forget to add in some pop of interest with throw pillows, blankets and even a fun colored end table or nightstand. One look I love is a black and white focus wall in a bedroom with black and white bedding and pillows then using a fun nighstant to bring in that color. We have many awesome shabby chic nightstands in teal shades that may do the trick
  4. Mix florals!
    Spring is around the corner and floral isn’t just for your grandma anymore. Feel free to mix floral patterns as long as your stay in the same color family so your room doesn’t looks like it is in too much chaos. Refer to below for a great styling idea using floral from our San Diego location.
  5. Work with an odd number of patterns...3 is always a great number in any kind of styling!
    You may want to pick 3 different patterns in a color family then use 1 pattern that is a large pattern, 1 that is a medium size pattern then another that has a small pattern. I would use the pattern size dependant on size of the item. Meaning use large patterns for walls, rugs, etc, and small for small accents such as pillows. This will make everything seem to scale and wont be too overwhelming.


These tips will hopefully get you started in the mixing pattern world. Happy styling!

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